Iron Cathedral

Blessings of Ralith upon you, Querent!

The Iron Cathedral is the central holy site of the church of Ralith in the Taldane Imperium. A temple to knowledge and secrets, the inner sanctum of the Cathedral is an immense vault containing the forbidden knowledge and artifacts of the ages. Served by a remarkably large cohort of his priests and mute ‘Secret-keepers,’ Ralith’s primary hub of worship boasts one of the largest libraries in the world, containing a copy of nearly every book to be written in the Imperium in the last 200 years, and an ever-growing number that were penned before. These often contain marginal notes from the scribes, detailing errors or peculiarities in the original text. Much of this library is public, though many sections require at least assistance (and records) from a priest to enter. No one but the highest-ranking Secret-keepers and the Emperor himself are allowed access to the Inner Vaults.

Similarly, inside this section you can find and learn about the setting, from the Prime Material to the Outer Rings and beyond. Please feel free to roam about and read up on anything and everything, though I recommend you keep in mind that possession of some information is grounds for detainment. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; Drink deep of Ralith’s wisdom, or not at all.

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Iron Cathedral

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