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The origins of life, some will tell you, lie with the gods. Others claim it all happened semi-randomly, with the world and its organisms developing in accordance with the whims of heredity and fundamental forces. The crackpot on the corner of Linzer and Simbach is eager to shout at anyone who listens that, somehow, squid-faced men and beings of pure thought were involved.

They are right.

Long ago, longer even than can be counted, for time came later, there was the roiling maelstrom of pure possibility and madness known today as the Far Realms. Within this primordial void, endless things bubbled up and vanished, nothing remaining constant or existing independently. It was so for uncountable aeons. Until something was. Of course, many things existed, in an ephemeral sense; But this thing, this Being, was in a way that nothing had ever been, for in a place of infinite possibility, the chance of the place producing something that would escape swiftly becomes 100%. It rose and hovered over the shapeless tempest, still without form but declaring by its very existence that it was, and would remain so as long as it pleased. This first being, the very embodiment of the concept of being, and of standing alone above the chaos, was and was the Empyrean. And in its struggle to extricate itself from the nothingness that birthed it, it had created. Another thought, another concept. This one of violence, and struggle, and the uncaring meaninglessness of war. The Monster and the Empyrean, together in the void, were the start. There was a third as well, but we will get to it.

Soon, their steadfast determination to not stop existing provided a metaphorical hook for other things to hang onto. Concepts and narratives of things both familiar and unknowable sprang from nothing, drawn like moths to the light of the new reality, carved by violence and self. Then other things happened, as detailed in the history of the First world below.

Third World: The primary setting for campaigns. A massive metaphysical wheel spinning atop the metaphysical World Tree, toward the top of an impossibly huge metaphysical dyson sphere. Did I mention the wheel was stitched from the corpses of the Titans themselves?

Second World: The interim stronghold of the old gods and their allies during the Titanomachy and somehow even worse to live in than the Third World, the World Tree is the birthplace of most of the mortal races and more than a little bit Grimm Brothers-inspired. Don’t leave the path.

First World: The one that started the whole mess. Often called the Feywild in the ignorant modern parlance, the First World was the haphazard creation of the Titans, a race of immortal beings of pure narrative essence, and the original home to many of the Old Races. Start here if you plan on reading the chronology in order.

The Great Beyond: There are more things in Creation than are dreamed of in philosophy, starting with the impossible nesting spheres that separate it from the Far Realms. Here you will find the other Valences, where games not set on the specific world, herein referred to as Cerador-1 or the Prime, take place. You will also find places not technically part of any of the three Worlds but sharing the same layer of reality, such as Titanic Stands and other such important miscellany.

Setting Information

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