The Inn Between

__Well hey there, Stranger! Welcome to the Inn Between. Je suis appelĂ© IX, and Ah hope vou enjoy your stay. Now…what’s your poison?_

Over by that table, the one with turf war being fought between the turkey dinner and traditional goblin xaimoko on it, some other fellas are having a conversation. Keep it in-character over there, buddy!

Not sure what that meant? Well, if’n you’d rather stick to conversing with hombres from more familiar climes, I recommend you mosey on over to the bar. Just start a new topic for whatever you want to talk about.

Whoa there! Not ol’ IX’s fault if his lingo’s gotten a bit hard to grok in his travels. You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would ya’? Of course I’ve had these on the whole time. Look, if you’re going to start something, I suggest you proceed to the Kerfuffle Zone to work on that aggression. All fights between patrons take place there.

The Inn Between

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