Rogue Talents

Measured Luck (Ex) (Req.: 4th level gambler): The gambler increases her fortune pool by two points. This talent can be taken multiple times.

Revolver Roulette (Su) (Req.: Gamble ability, Firearm Training talent or Amateur Gunslinger feat): The gambler can spend a fortune point as an immediate action to double the chance of misfire for anyone shooting at her with a firearm till the beginning of her next turn.

Loaded Dice (Ex) (Req.: Trained Profession [gambling]): You are well trained in cheating at games of chance. You can earn in one game what it takes a professional gambler one week to earn by substituting your sleight of hand skill while gambling, but if you fail your check you are immediately caught cheating.

Card Sharper (Su) (Req. 4th level gambler, Card Sharp talent): The gambler gains a +1 weapon enhancement with thrown playing cards at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.

Rogue Talents

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