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Welcome to the World Hub, a repository for everything to do with our little slice of the multiverse! Here, you’ll find setting information, recommended houserules and homebrew, archives of previous campaigns, and more! (You know, once we get it all up. Still a work in progress)

To begin exploring, just click one of the elegant and finely-crafted links below.

The Iron Cathedral is the place to go to learn about the setting, from the Outer Rings to the First World, and beyond.

The Manifold Valence, beyond even the Fundamental Planes, is the Stage and workshop of Design itself. Here, you can see mechanical elements such as house rules, as well as toolkits for faster play and easier DMing.

The Crossroads of Katha are the realm of Jahalla, goddess of storytelling. Deep within the Astral Plane, she collects the tales of those who have been and are yet to be within the Akashic Records. Here in her halls you will find records of stories told of and by characters in previous campaigns.

The Inn Between serves many worlds, traipsing as only it can do between time and probability. Its services now also include free WiFi for those who can access it, and that’s pretty much just us. Come on in, have a drink, chat in (or out) of character, and generally put all meta discussion and elements in there proper place. And no fighting outside of the designated Kerfuffle Zone.

Main Page

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